Anoto is a Swedish company established in 1999. Its revolutionary technology consists of an apparently normal ball point pen, capable of memorizing everything it writes and of exchanging data via Bluetooth with any computerized device.
If the PC is connected to the Internet, the data can be transmitted to any other PC in the world.

The digital pen

The pen has an internal camera and memory. It is capable of filming every movement and stroke produced on the digital paper and of storing them.

The digital paper

This is paper on which a dot pattern has been printed; it acts as a digital map and provides the pen with continual references. The sheets appear to have a simply homogeneous light grey background.

Grafiche Wanda together with Anoto

Thanks to the renowned quality and precision in our work, Grafiche Wanda has obtained Print Partner certification from Anoto; this authorizes it to produce prints that transform simple sheets of paper into advance digital sheets which can be used with this futuristic instrument.


The possible uses of this technology are virtually endless. Particular sectors that can truly benefit from the use of this technology are: